Outdoor Leagues

Here at North Wilts Bowls Club, we play in a number of different leagues against other clubs in the area.

  • On Monday afternoons there is the Monday Mixed League, consisting of 3 rinks (4 players per rink, men and women, playing with 2 bowls each).
  • Tuesday afternoons, we have the West Wilts (White Horse) League for men.  This league is made up of 5 divisions and North Wilts has 3 teams consisting of 4 players playing rink format.  We also have a team in the Seidal League which is for ladies only.
  • Thursday evenings we have two teams playing in the Mid Wilts Triples League, consisting of 3 triples (3 players per rink, playing with 3 bowls each on 3 rinks).  Whilst this is officially a men’s league, the league has recently started allowing women to take part, too.
  • Friday afternoons we have a team taking part in the Friday Tea & Biscuit League.  This local league is a 4 triples league and therefore requires a team of 12 players foreach match.  Again, this was originally for men only, but has recently opened up to allow women to play, too.
  • For women, we have teams playing in both the Bowls Wiltshire Ladies League and the Norwest League.  These matches consist of 2 triples requiring a team of 6 players per match (3 players per rink, 3 bowls each).  Many of these matches are played in the evening with some played in the afternoon.

League Results

To access results to the following leagues, please click on the button below.

  • Monday Mixed League
  • White Horse League
  • Mid Wilts Triples League
  • Bowls Wiltshire Ladies League
  • Norwest League


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