Indoor Leagues

The League Secretary is responsible for setting up a large selection of leagues suitable for everyone including Drives; Four Rink; Triples; Mixed leagues; Pairs; and rinks booked for the disabled.  Weekends are usually reserved for the Wessex league; County; National and Club mixed friendlies.  Those wanting to find a team to play in should add their name to the list on the table in front of the office. This enables a Team Leader to know who is available when requiring new team members.  

For the Thursday afternoon drive, from 4.00pm – 6.00pm, an availability sheet can be found on the noticeboard.  Add your name to the list and you will be placed in a team.  This drive is for players to practise and improve their game of bowls and is suitable for new bowlers.

Summer Indoor Leagues

There are various indoor leagues run during the summer.  Just add your name to the various availability sheets. Rinks are also available for roll ups at any time during the summer months

Club Competitions

Club competitions are played over 2-hour sessions.  Anyone entering competitions should be available to play during Finals Weekend. Entry forms for Club competitions are issued around October/November.  

The club competition draws are posted behind the glass notice board which is located in the entrance hall. Competitions usually start sometime in December/January.  All competitions are pre-arranged on weekday or weekend dates, together with the times and rinks, and in the interest of all concerned, must be adhered to.  In special circumstances, sanctioned by the Competition Secretary, re-arranged games will be allowed, provided they are played before the date originally specified.  Should this occur, the allocated rink must be cancelled through the office not less than four days before the scheduled date or green fees will be liable.  Where it becomes necessary for the club to stage a County/club team event, any participating players are to be allowed at least 14 days either side of the scheduled date to re-arrange their competitions.

Green fees are to be paid on the day of the competition.  In the event of any team/singles player failing to arrive to play or cancelling the game, the defaulting team/player will be responsible for ALL GREEN FEES.  A scorecard must be originated and handed into the Office.

The FIRST CHANCE pairs competitions are open to any player whose name does not already appear on the Honours Boards, apart from any other FIRST CHANCE pairs competitions.

Competitions operate on a knock out basis and the finalists play each other during Finals weekend.  A Presentation Evening for competitions winners is held, the date of which can be found in the current Fixtures Book, noticeboard and screens.

National Competitions

All members are eligible to enter national competitions i.e., singles, pairs, triples – you will find a comprehensive list on the EIBA website.  These games are over 2 bowling sessions.  Check the rink bookings system before offering dates to your opponents, one of which should be a weekend date.  Further details can be found in the EIBA year book.

The club is entered into various National Competitions. Women take part in the Yetton, Vivienne and Masons competitions.  Should those who play in the Yetton lose in the first round, the team is then entered into the Yetton Plate competition. Teams for these games are chosen by a team of women selectors who are elected annually at the AGM.

The men take part in the Denny Cup, over 60s competition and also the Wessex League which takes place on Sundays.  Should those who play in the Denny Cup lose in the first round the team is then entered into the Denny Plate competition.  Players for these competitions are chosen by a team of men selectors who are elected annually at the AGM.  

The Egham is a club national competition, similar to the Yetton and Denny, but for mixed teams.  The club is also entered into the Top Ten Competition which is a singles, pairs, triples and fours format.  

Teams are selected from those players who have put their name on the relevant list placed on the noticeboard during the indoor season.  

County Competitions

These are organised by the WCWIBA/WIBA, with the women taking part in the Atherley Trophy and the men in the Liberty. Teams are selected from those clubs belonging to the Association.  

Open Singles Circuit

The club hosts an OSC event on an annual basis. This is a singles competition with events held up and down the country. There is prize money for the competition winners. This is a chance to watch some good bowling by very experienced bowlers.  

Mixed Representative Matches (Indoor Friendly Games)

Information about these games can be found on the club noticeboard. Any member can add their name to the list from which the team is selected by the club captain and vice-captain. Watch the noticeboards for the selection sheet!  All friendly games are played over 18 ends. The dress code is club shirts.  Following the match there is a meal and usually a raffle.  Most of the friendly games are played at Home with the exception of one or two, transport for which is organised by the Club Captain.  Drivers will be reimbursed transport costs. A list of the mixed friendly fixtures can be found in the Fixtures booklet and also on the North Wilts website.


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