The club organises bowls courses for new players, both indoor and outdoor.  These courses are run over four weeks and are free.  Bowls and shoes are provided by the Club.

Following a successful completion of the four-week coaching course it is advisable to play in the roll-up session on Thursdays 4-6pm (indoors) which is an ideal opportunity to play the game and meet fellow bowlers in a friendly way.  Likewise, outdoors, there is Club Night on Monday evenings 6-8pm where all new outdoor players are warmly welcomed.

Other courses can be arranged to enable players to improve and develop their game upon request.  


Lockers are available for both ladies and men in the changing rooms.  Lockers are an additional £5 per year.   Contact the office if a locker is required.  The office holds a master key should you forget to bring or lose your key.  When a bowler leaves the club the two issued locker keys must be returned to the office.  

Members Door Entry Key Cards

A Member must not pass their membership card to any person enabling unauthorised access to the centre.

A Member shall be required to produce his membership card at any time when requested to do so by an Official of the Club.  On ceasing to be a Member for any reason the card must be returned to the Club Secretary.


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