Thursday, May 2, 2024

Indoor Club Finals Weekend 2024

North Wilts Indoor Bowls held their Club Competitions Finals Weekend on Saturday 6th April and Sunday 7th April. Over the course of the weekend, 13 very competitive matches were played and watched by a supportive group of spectators. Congratulations to all our winners and commiserations to our runners-up! And a big thank you to all who turned up to watch!

The winners were (drum roll, please):

First Chance Pairs – Ladies': Margaret Cooke and Margery Mandryko / Runners-Up: Liz Vaughan and Viv Edwards

First Chance Pairs – Men’s: Martin Holmes and Nobby Tucker / Runners-Up: Alan George and Richard George

First Chance Pairs – Mixed: Karen Beaney and Richard George / Runners-Up: Val Ringham and Kevin Ringham

Pairs – Ladies': Sue Cooke and Alex Jacobs / Runners-Up: Karen Munro and Karen Beaney

Pairs – Men’s: Bob George and Dave Williams / Runners-Up: Colin Haynes and Nigel Price

Pairs – Mixed: Bev and John Williamson / Runners-Up: Roger Button and Alex Jacobs

Triples – Ladies': Jean Collier, Kathryn Yeoman & Alex Jacobs / Runners-Up: Jeanette Wheeler, Irene Button & Viv Baskerville

Triples – Men’s: Colin Haynes, Geoff Moore & Colin Easton / Runners-Up: Jim Ennis, Mike Smith & Colin Little

Fours – Ladies': Jean Collier, Amelia Yeoman, Debbie Shadwell & Kathryn Yeoman / Runners-Up: Catherine Pike, Yvonne Taylor, Kath Pickering & Lyn Brown

Fours – Men’s: Gerry Tinson, Maurice Byron, Barry Wicks & Dave Williams / Runners-Up: Colin Haynes, Chris Moore, Geoff Moore & Colin Easton

Fours – Mixed: Jane Humphries, John Williamson, Viv Baskerville & Gary Humphries / Runners-Up: Sue Pitman, Martin Holmes, Lyn Brown & Dave Williams

Singles – Ladies': Sue Cooke / Runner-Up: Alex Jacobs

Singles – Men’s: Gary Humphries / Runner-Up: John Crowder

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