North Wiltshire Indoor and outdoor bowls clubNorth Wiltshire Indoor and outdoor bowls club



Welcome to the Outdoor facilities. The club has to offer a well presented 6 rink green. On the south side we are lucky to have a full length brick built covered veranda. On the west side we are protected by an established 7’ hedge. The North side has a slated fence with  plenty of seating avaiable the remaining one side is open but has plenty of room for seating and viewing the game. Changing rooms, bar and restaurant are across the large car park.
Throughout the summer we cater for all level of players with a selection of weekend friendly games through to league matches during the week. Triples and Three rinks league games for gentlemen and triples league for ladies all playing on a home and away basis. There is a club competition which is run during the whole of the summer period. This covers ladies and gents individual games, pairs and mxed pairs. ‘Something for everyone at all levels.’ There are also fun games arranged during this period where everyone can take part and enjoy. 
The green is maintained three mornings a week by an outside contractor, and the periphery is looked after by our own member as and when required.
Players unable to take part outdoors do have the facility to play indoors throughout the summer on mondays and thursday, using the indoor carpet rinks.