President:   Bev Lilley: (North Wilts BC)

Dear Ladies,

Thank you for inviting me to be your President for the forthcoming 2019/20 winter season. I started my indoor bowling in 2006 when I luckily saw an advert in the local Melksham news inviting people to give “bowls a try” at Christie Miller Sports Centre. I went along and was hooked straight away, soon to take up the challenge of both indoor and outdoor bowls.  It wasn’t until 2013 that Christie Miller ladies became involved in Wiltshire Indoor County bowling and from that time I have been an avid supporter of the Association. When Christie Miller Sports Centre sadly closed last year in 2018, practically at the start of the new indoor season, many of us, including myself, transferred to North Wilts Indoor Bowls Club, where I, along with many others, have been made very welcome.

I would like to encourage all ladies who play indoor bowls from around our County to get involved. County fixtures should be displayed at your club (it must be affiliated to the EIBA) and any of you are eligible to put your names forward. There are several friendly fixtures throughout the season, many this year will be played away at different venues, what a great way to meet new people and make new bowling friends.

Best wishes to you all and happy bowling.


Vice President:   awaiting conformation   : 


Fixture Secretary:   June H Coyle: (North Wilts BC)

 Treasurer:  Sheila Garlick: (North Wilts BC)

 County Secretary:   Ann Roberts-Phare:  (North Wilts BC)


Selectors:     Julie Hunt: (Westlecot BC)  Judy Hallard: (Westlecot BC)

Lyn Brown (NorthWilts IBC)    Jane Taylor  (North Wilts IBC)  Joan Coleman (Five Rivers BC)



  WCWIBA Fixtures 2019/20  
Date Day Time Opponents Venue
Atherley Trophy 1.30pm CLIBA Dorchester
26.10.19 Saturday 1.30pm Dorset Dolphin IBC
27.10.19 Sunday 2.00pm Cotswold Cotswold
8.11.19 Friday 12 noon Somerset Bristol IBC
12.11.19 Tuesday 2.00pm Swindon Manor Swindon Manor
1.12.19 Sunday 2.00pm WCWIBA Charity NWBC
8.12.19 Sunday 2.00pm WCWIBA GALA FIVE RIVERS
19.1.20 Sunday 2.00pm Triples Competition Westlecot
26.1.20 Sunday 2.00pm WCWIBA Top 9 Westlecot
15.2.20 Saturday 2.00pm WIBA  NWBC
      (WIBA challengers)  
23.2.20 Sunday 2.00pm Hampshire AWAY TBA
7.3.20 Saturday West Berks Berkshire AWAY TBA
8.3.20 Sunday Presidents Day 2.00pm Other Counties NWBC


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