CLUB CHAMPIONS FOR 2021/22

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CLUB COMPETITIONS                       Results :-   
Men's Championship 4 Wood                   
WINNER:                              Peter Bent
Runner-up                          Miles Pickering                    
Ladies Championship 4 Wood           
WINNER:                         Kath Pickering                                     
Runner-up                        Catherine Pike
Ladies Invitation Mixed Pairs                      
WINNER:                    Ann & Bob Roberts Phare    
Runners-up                       Geoff & Yvonne Taylor              
Mixed 101 Up                                                 
WINNER:                        Ann Roberts Phare.     
                                         Runner-up                            Miles Pickering
OPEN CLUB COMPETITIONS                     Results :-
Club Drawn Pairs.                       
WINNERS:           Peter Blackman & Bob Roberts Phare
Runners-up                 Pat Stainer & Mike Pengelly.
Mixed Drawn Triples.  

            Shona Penfold;  Bob Roberts Phare;  Ron Read.

Runners-up                 Miles Pickering;  Iris Read;  Jean Ingram.
Litherland Shield.                 Best scores of 8 games over the season
WINNER:                      Kath Pickering:  124 shots
Runner-up                        Lyn Brown:   110 shots    
MEMBERS VOTE        For outstanding work for the Club and the Members.
Adie Lloyd Trophy                Lyn Brown  (Clubs Captain)


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