meet the team of Officers outdoors meet the team of Officers outdoors

The Team


Captains: Friendly Fixtures John Penfold   &    Lyn Brown
Vice Captains: Vancancy
  League Captains
3 Rinks. Alan Pullin.
Mid Wilts 'A'. & 'B'. Ron Read:  Mike Pengelly.
White Horse. 'A.'  'E'.  'B'. Doug Perry:  David Hunt:  Alan Pullin.
Monday Mixed. Peter Bent.
Friday T & B. Mike Kill.
Nor West League.  Div 1 & 2 June H Coyle:  Lyn Brown.
Seidal Friendly. June Pengelly:  Pat Stainer.
Monday Evening Club.  THIS IS RUN BY THE CAPTAINS.
Safeguarding Officer: Sue Pitman.
Men’s Selectors:     Mike Pengelly:  Alan Pullin:  Ron Read
Men's WBA Rep:             Doug Perry.
Ladies Selectors: Lyn Brown:  June H Coyle:  Iris Read
Ladies Nor West Rep:    Lyn Brown.
Ladies BW Rep:    June H Coyle: 
Ladies County Delegate:        Vacancy
Coach: Sue Pitman.
Outdoor Bowls Committee: Fixtures Secretary + Playing Director + Captains.
Pat Stainer:  Yvonne Taylor:  Alan Pullin:  Richard Turner. 
Greens Committee: June H Coyle:  Ron Read:  (1 x Vacancy)
Competition Committee:          Playing Director.  +  (1 x Vacancy)
Green's Maintenance:     Avon Sports Ground Maintenance Co.
Monday (am):  Wednesday (am):  Friday (am):
Green's Periphery Caretaker: Phil Brown. (Steps Down March 2020) 
Gravel & Tubs:     Lyn & Phil Brown


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