meet the team of Officers outdoors meet the team of Officers outdoors

The Team


Officers  2019

 GREEN  OPENED  15/04/19

With 223 games being played over 17 weeks

  Captains Mike & June Pengelly  (2nd term)   Tel:-  01249 661227
Vice Captains:               
John Penfold  &  Lyn Brown
  Safeguarding Officer: Sue Pitman.
Men’s Selectors:    
Tony Hulbert:   Doug Perry:  Ron Read
Men's WBA Rep:            
Doug Perry
Ladies Nor West Rep:   
Wendy Ivory:  Lyn Brown
Ladies BW Rep:   
June Coyle:  Fizz Mace
Ladies County Delegate:       
Fizz Mace
  Coaches Sue Pitman.
Outdoors Bowls Committee:      


Captains:  Vice Captains

Fixtures Secretary + Playing Director

Pat Stainer: Alan Pullin: Richard Turner 

Competition Committee:         
Operations Director  +  Iris Read
Green's Maintenance:    



Avon Sports Ground Maintenance Co.

Monday (am):  Wednesday (am):  Friday (am):


Green's Periphery Caretaker:
   Watering: Turning: Sweeping
      and preparing the green.      

Phil Brown.

until  MARCH  2020 ::  LAST YEAR

Gravel & Tubs:    
Lyn & Phil Brown


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