Green Opening Times & Dress Code

These are the opening times for the Outdoor green

MEMBERS   2019    

 GREEN  OPENS 16th  April

CLOSED 16th September


    Monday to Friday.            12.00 noon to Late.

Saturday & Sunday.         10.30am to Late


Rink Closures          Individual Rinks can be closed by the Green's Committee without consultation

on a daily basis.


Starting times can be changed for National, County or for a special occasion having sort the permission from the Greens Committee and has been recorded in the Rink Diary. This book  can be found on the table by glass display cabinet in the Club.


Dress Code


Roll ups:            If there are NO Club Games being played, then Casual clothes are permitted with proper bowls shoes

                             If there are Club Games being played then, White tops with Grey below the waist with proper bowls shoes.



WEARING OF SHORTS       date 14/12/18

Following the lead taken by bowls England and EIBA, your committees asked the directors to authorise the wearing of shorts in all club games and league games, should a player so wish.

The board have agreed subject to the following conditions:


Shorts may be worn by men or ladies in all club and league games provided that:

The shorts shall be:  smart, tailored shorts (not baggy), knee length, with no extra patch pockets. The colour be in accordance with the dress code for that game (ie. Grey or white).

The option to wear shorts will be individual and other members of the team can wear trousers (or skirts or cut-offs) accordingly.


Please note that this is a club decision and does not necessarily apply to county games.

Ratification of this decision will be sought at next AGM.

Ron Read. (Director)