Dress CodeDress Code

Dress Code

The Dress Code as agreed by the Directors


In common with other bowls clubs and National guidelines we adopt a dress code for our members to ensure a degree of uniformity.

INDOOR SECTION: Normal wear should be grey/black trousers or skirt, (ladies can wear 'cut-off' trousers) predominate white tops with collar. NO JEANS.

During Club Friendly games or certain stages of National Competitions white trousers or skirts, and tops should be worn.

The official club shirt to be worn in all representative games.

Ladies are permitted to wear red waistcoats or cardigans in the club shade of red.


As a special concession, players in the 'Harlequins' League are permitted to wear shirts of the team colours provided that they are all of the same design and colour, (Polo-type shirts with collar)


JACKETS: The outdoor section have a cardigan-type warm jacket in club colours which may be worn as a 'travel' jacket by all members should they so wish.


OUTDOOR SECTION; Normal wear is as stated in Indoor section, except that club shirts to be worn by all players in representative league games and friendly's. Club jackets (or white outdoor jackets) and over-trousers can be worn in inclement weather. 


As a special concession, casual clothes can be worn during personal roll-up sessions, providing no other representative game is taking place







Following the decision made at our AGM in April 2011, that the outdoor shirt will be adopted as the official indoor shirt, these shirts have now at last become available.

For a start we would like to offer all participants who play in club friendly's the opportunity to purchase these shirts to wear in club friendly's if they so wish. I am sure we all agree that all players wearing similar attire looks very good.


All players taking part in representative games are invited to purchase and wear club shirts if they so wish, but please bear in mind that in National Games, all players should be similarly attired.


Shirts can be obtained from our current stock, or ordered if sizes are not available.



Shorts are permitted within the BE/BW guidelines