indoor bowls competition winners 2017indoor bowls competition winners 2017

Club Competition

These are the Winners and Runners-ups of the Club Competitions for 2018 ~ 2019

    1   Men's Singles
      winner Bob George.  (21)
      runner-up Dave Williams.  (20)
    2   Ladies Singles
      winner Alex Jacobs.  (21)
      runner-up Sue Cooke.  (14)
    3   Men's Pairs
      winners Richard Ellis:  Andy Bradfield.  (22)
      runners-up Geoff Moore:  Andy Moore.  (21)
    4   Ladies Pairs
      winners Sue Cooke:  Alex Jacobs.  (20)
      runners-up Marguerite Alexander: Bev Lilly.  (10)
    5   Mixed Pairs
      winners Bob George:  Irene Button.  (23)
      runners-up Roger Button:  Alex Jacobs.  (18)
    6   Men's Triples
      winners Roger Button: Richard Gainey: Neil Connor.  (14)
      runners-up Bob George: Maurice Byron: Dave Williams.  (11)
    7   Ladies Triples

    Jane Taylor: Sue Cooke: Alex Jacobs.  (21)

      runners-up Carol Massey: Helen Ellis: Kath Pickering.  (10)
    8   Men's Fours
      winners Gerry Tinson: Maurice Byron: Bob George: Dave Williams.  (27)
      runners up Harry Thornton: Andy Biggs: Alan Watts: Mike Gill.  (16)
    9   Ladies Fours
      winners WITHDRAWN
    10   Mixed Fours
      winners Bob George: Jane Taylor: Fizz Mace: Maurice Byron. (23)
      runners-up Alex Jacobs: Chris Moore: Sue Cooke: Darren Antony. (15)
    11   Men's First Chance Pairs
      winners Steve Moore:  Chris Moore.  (25)
      runners-up Bob Wright.  Terry Lewis.  (10)
    12   Ladies First Chance Pairs
      winners WITHDRAWN
    13   Mixed First Chance Pairs
      winners Helen Ellis:  Andy List.  (22)
      runners-up John Scofield: Sheila Garlick.  (16)
        Competitions Secretary (TEMP)  Mr Roger Button


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