Club Competition Rules

(As stipulated in Club Constitution)

1. The Domestic Regulations of the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd, as stated in "Laws of The Sport
of Bowls - Crystal Mark Third Edition or its successors, except where otherwise Stated in these rules.. 2. Every Player must be a fully paid up member of the North Wilts Bowls Club.
3. Dress as per Club Rules
4. Club Competitions will only take place where there are sufficient entries to fill the Quarter Finals ofthe competition. apart from First Chance competitions. Singles must have at least Semi Finals.
5. The dates, times and rinks for all competitions are pre-arranged and in the interest of all concerned, must be adhered to. However with the sanction of the Competition Committee, re-arranged games will be allowed in special circumstances, provided they are played before the date originally specified and on the originally specified rink. Should this occur the allocated rink must be cancelled through the Competition Committee not less than four (4) days before the scheduled time or the green fees will be liable. Where it becomes necessary for the CLUB to stage a COUNTY/CLUB team event, any participating players are to be allowed at least fourteen days (14) either side of the originally specified date to re-arrange their competition/s
6. In all singles matches, the first named Competitor will provide a marker.
7. Competition fees will be as stated.
8. All competitions will be played within the two (2) hour's time limit apart from the Club Singles which have no time limit. The Finals will consist of full games.
9. There will be no trial ends except for the Finals.
10. 11.
12. 13. 14.
A 'dead' end is not counted as a played end and should be replayed in the same direction unless the skips of a team or opponents in a singles game agree to play it in the opposite direction.
11.1 In the Singles competition a player may only visit the head after their penultimate bowl. In all other competitions the skip only may visit the head after their penultimate bowl. In a triples game, players 1 & 2 must not walk up the green until the last No. 2 has delivered his last wood and in a fours game players 1,2 & 3 must not walk up the green until the last No 3 has delivered his last wood.
11.2 In the Finals a player in the singles may not visit the head until after they have delivered their second bowl. In other competitions visits to the head are restricted to the skip in pairs, the second and skip in Triples and the third and.skip in Fours games.
The mat must be placed and the jack centred 5 minutes before conclusion of the allotted session or the end will not be valid.
In the event of a draw, one extra end will be played to decide the winners. A team making this end "dead" would concede the game.
Score cards must be correctly made out showing the names of all Competitors and the Competition being played. Cards are to be signed by both players (singles) or Skips (teams) and handed in to the Office on completion of the game.
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 15. Should a player or team arrive more than 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, their opponents will be awarded the game. No game may commence if either team is incomplete.
16. Any player / team arriving up to 15 minutes late will be penalised by a deduction of 2 shots per 10 minutes or part thereof. Any match commencing late must also abide by rule 10.
17. The 'First Chance' pairs competitions are open to any player whose name does not already appear on the Honours Boards, apart from any other 'First Chance Bridge' pairs competitions and allows a previous winner to enter whichever of the competitions they have not won.
18. In the event of a team I singles player failing to arrive in time to play or cancelling the game the team I singles player will be responsible for ALL GREEN FEES. A score card must be originated, signed and handed into the Office.
19.1 A player in a team replaced by a substitute in a match may be reinstated in any subsequent tie
19.2 Singles, no substitutes allowed.
19.3 Pairs, Triples, Fours & Mixed Pairs, One additional and the same player may be used as a substitute providing he/she has not already played in the competition concerned, and can play in any position.
19.4 Mixed Fours only. The Four shall consist of 2 men and 2 ladies who should normally play together throughout the competition. One man and/or one lady may play as substitutes at any time to maintain the composition of the team, providing he/she has not already played in the competition concerned, and can play in any position.
20.1 Prior to the commencement of the competitions, the Date(s) and Times for Finals will be displayed on the competition notice boards. The FINAL WEEKEND will consist of Saturday and Sunday until 5pm. The Competition Committee will decide the order of play for all Finals. No person to play more than 2 games on one day. All Finals must be played on the stipulated date except for extreme or sudden illness. For team Finals, substitutes should be used if at all possible. Alternative days can be used if a person is required to play more than two games in one day.
20.2 Members must enter their Singles Championship at the Club from which they have entered their National Competitions.
20.3 Any Player/Team not complying with these rules will be eliminated from the competition concerned. 20.4 All disputes to be dealt with by the Competition Committee